“An Entirely Other Day: Bugged”

Just a quick post tonight. Anybody who has any awareness of or interest in the the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or “Obamacare”, which pretty much means anyone who has ever received medical care, hasn’t been living under a rock for the past 4 years, and/or has a pulse, should check out this blog post by Greg Knauss. A particularly choice passage, on why the PPACA was essential for him in allowing him to afford care for his son’s infected bug bite:

A bug bite cannot be the thing that draws the line between a middle-class life and poverty, between opportunity and the stagnant dead-end of could-have-been. Our friends, our neighbors, our children, the future of this country as a cohesive society — as an endeavor where we see each other as more than opponents, as more than competitors — depends on it.

Otherwise, we’re just waiting for the fever, and the rot, and for the bugs to pick the bones clean.

I encourage everyone to read the whole post.

It was also quoted, and greatly elaborated on, by Peter Cohen in a recent post on his personal blog. He had a similar but far worse situation of needing intense medical care for an infection; that care was only able to be provided due to a universal health care system being in place (in his case, that of Massacheusetts — “Romneycare”, on which the PPACA is largely based). My favorite passage:

I find it inconceivable that we’re still having a national discussion about health care as a privilege only for the wealthy or those lucky enough to work for an employer who offers affordable insurance. We need to recognize it as a fundamental human right if we’re to ever evolve as a compassionate society that actually wants to uplift its population to prosperity. We’ve heard a tremendous amount of lip service from the political right in this country about that, but their actions to dismantle the ACA and Medicare are completely counter to effort.

RomneyCare saved my life. And it kept our family out of bankruptcy.

The system worked.

‘Nuff said.