Giving this Blogging Thing a Try

I had never really seen the point of blogging[1].

So why am I here, you ask?
I think it just comes down to it being the right time. Which is not to say it is the first time…

The internet is littered with the corpses of the blogs-of-yesteryear and I have certainly helped contribute to that waste, briefly writing some posts on Livejournal that are now long since deleted. My wife and I kept a blog for our son–a sort of ironic “look I’m a baby on the internet” thing. In the end we didn’t have the time for that. And while I’m on Twitter, as you can see I don’t post much, or haven’t until now. And so, while you wouldn’t know it from looking on the internet, it might surprise you to know that I enjoy writing!

While in medical school I took a course on Narrative Medicine and very much enjoyed it. We wrote short stories and read some fantastic illness narratives [2]. And I had planned on continuing writing through medical school, residency, and beyond. But then I got busy. And while I keep looking back longingly over my shoulder at that plan, I never went back to it. I’ve always made excuses and said I didn’t have the time.

Well, I’m making the time now. This is it. For real. At least once a week to start and hopefully more frequently, I will write a post of varying length on some ID (Infectious Diseases), and probably pediatric ID topic. And I may, if you’ll indulge me, from time to time exercise the side of me that enjoys doing more “literary” writing. There are many topics that touch on both the art and science of medicine, and those that are more “artful” often lend themselves to a more stylized approach. We’ll see if this works.

So after two posts on, essentially nothing, stay tuned. I need to find the right medical topic to really begin this blog with. And I think I have an idea that may almost write itself. As always, comment below or contact me on Twitter!

  1. Until now obviously…please don’t stop reading yet!  ↩

  2. Please go right now and buy The Cure for Grief by Nellie Hermann. She was one of the teachers in that course and is a wonderful writer. This book is heartbreaking and poignant and just fantastic.  ↩