How to Find a Job, pt. 2

Linked to above, you will find part 2 of the guest post I wrote for Terry Kind's great medical-education and pediatrics blog Pediatric Career. She remains, as in my last post, the Director of Pediatric Medical Student Education at Childrens National Medical Center and has written extensively on the role of social media as a communication tool not just in the provision of medical care but also in medical education. (She is very active on Twitter and can be found at @Kind4Kids.) An excerpt follows:

Remember why we are all here in medicine, we want to help people. And we’re not only here to help patients, but also to help each other, including you, our junior colleagues. But we can’t help you if we don’t know you and we probably won’t help you as easily if we don’t know you well. So remember who you are, an individual who can easily matter a lot to another individual. Use that; it may just land you a job.