Odds and Ends

Autism and Lyme Disease?

This is a thing?? Apparently I just moved out from a rock that I’ve been living under since 2008, when a paper was published linking Lyme seropositivity with autism in a cohort of children. I’m astonished, given the pervasive nature of the vaccine-autism controversy, that this other reported link has not come across my examining table. For those who are unfamiliar, Lyme Disease is a tick-borne illness endemic in parts of upstate New York, Long Island including Suffolk County where I work, parts of Connecticut, and a number of other areas in the Northeast and New England. It has been blamed for all manner of chronic complaints and apparently, for the past 5 years, for autism as well. But no more! Intrepid researchers from my alma mater have conclusively shown in a case-control study that there is no link between these two diseases. Phew! I for one now I will sleep easier at night… In all seriousness, this is a great paper and takes at least one fixed false belief down a notch. Disproving pseudoscience with science, one step at a time!

A Great New Podcast

Medicine.io, or rather my recent introduction to it, is another piece of evidence that I’ve been living under a rock. How else did I miss this great podcast produced/hosted by Jason Newland, a pediatric ID colleague of mine, and Josh Herigon, a medical student and researcher who works with Dr. Newland. It’s a great podcast, covering wide-ranging issues on clinical care, patient safety, antibiotics, medical education, and more.Take a listen–if you’re in the medical field, or even if you aren’t, you won’t regret it! And maybe they’ll deign to have a little junior Peds ID faculty member from Stony Brook on as a guest…? You never know!

That’s all for now. Planning for a longer post on Lyme Disease, given the season, in the coming week.