An Interview With Dr. Saul Hymes (hey, that's me!)

I recently came into contact, through Twitter, with an aspiring doctor and former journalist named Chantal Mendes who was interested in interviewing me about what it was like to be a pediatrician and an infectious disease doctor. My answers are a bit rambling but she seemed to like them!

Dr. Hymes graciously agreed to answer any questions I might have and responded to my long list with some fascinating, touching, and informative stories about his experiences as an ID doc and I’m really excited that I get to share them! If you’re interested in becoming a doctor or in going into Peds ID in particular then definitely take the time to read through the transcript because there’s nothing like getting advice from someone who has been through it already.

Rather than post the whole transcript here myself, please click over to the title link and view it on her blog if you’re at all interested in what I had to say. Many thanks to Chantal for the opportunity to talk about myself!