2 out of 3...anyone for a rubella outbreak?

MMR. Measles-Mumps-Rubella. The name of a vaccine that has saved thousands of lives. It is also, to many parents, a highly concerning vaccine--thanks to research by the now-discredited Andrew Wakefield it was believed to cause autism (It doesn't). People then claimed it caused diabetes or asthma (it doesn't). Every claim made by the anti-vaccine lobby has been shot down by science. So you would think everyone should be all vaccinated by now...no more Measles and Mumps, right? Yeah...not really...

Right now, there are 2 outbreaks currently ongoing of Mumps and Measles in New York City (. The Mumps outbreak started among Fordham University students in The Bronx, and the Measles Outbreak is so far in 16 individuals in Northern Manhattan and The Bronx, including 9 children. Both outbreaks are linked to unvaccinated individuals, including people who were "intentionally undervaccinated" as we say n the business. That's vaccine refusers for those playing along at home.

These are fully preventable diseases. The vaccine we have is old--about 50 years--and is safe and effective. There is NO REASON for outbreaks of these diseases to still occur, let alone at an increasing rate in recent years.

For now, the people who need to within the NYC DOHMH are doing their job trying to contain these outbreaks. But we should do our part too--vaccinate our children, encourage vaccination, and make sure we ourselves are up to date on vaccines. Nobody wants a Typhoid, er, Measles Mary.